Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cherry Pie

14x11 acrylic on stretched canvas (click to enlarge)

How about a tall slice of cherry pie? My mom makes a mean cherry pie. When I am visiting her in Missouri, I can usually look forward to some pie. If there is any still around the next morning, then my breakfast will be a slice of cherry pie and coffee. Mmmm...

There seems to be a strange resemblance of my pie and a chicken head. Do you see it? I was told this twice by different family members. Yep, we have a 6th sense. We don't see dead people... we see chicken heads!

For several years I went out with a group of artists and tried my hand at plein-air painting. I learned several things doing that. I learned about using a limited palette and mixing colors, I learned about composition, I learned that you had to make a plan and paint quickly because the light was constantly changing... and I learned that painting landscapes just did not click with me. It didn't make my socks go up and down.  : )

As an illustrator, I have been putting a black line around things and tweaking images all my life... so I figured why stop now?  For me (at least at this point) it is a lot more fun to warp things and use odd perspective than it is to paint things realistically. So for now, that's what I'm doing. Doug just wants to have fun! I watched a great video recently of Ed Emberley. I have watched it several times. It inspires me. In it, Ed talks about doing what is fun and hoping other similar folks will find it fun too. I think that is my plan too. If you would like to watch the video just click HERE. 


  1. Yes indeed, I see that cleverly disguised chicken head. Nothing beats this cherry pie motif!