Friday, February 10, 2012

Lady with Cat

14x11 acrylic on stretched canvas (click to enlarge)

Here is the latest painting I have been working on. I had it about 90% done and then had to think about it for a few days. I finally decided on what to do on the background. I painted a bluegreen over the orange underpainting... and liked it. Whew! If I didn't like it, I would be in deep doo doo... for there is no command Z when you are painting. 

The pose for this painting was inspired by a pretty famous image. But this time I am not telling. If anyone can guess what it is, you will win a fabulous prize. To be determined later. Much later. Much, much, much later.

This is the little sketch I did after seeing the inspiring image. I thought painting a lady would be fun and the addition of a cat just makes it even better. 

So... it is February. I have had this blog up and running for over a month now. I am happy to be making at least a painting a week. I wish I had time for more but this is OK for now. AND... I have 10 of the most intelligent, most awesome, most sophisticated people on the planet that have clicked to follow this blog. You know who you are. Thanks.   


  1. This is really lovely - a great style. I so hope you're right that toting a cat makes you more popular ... I'm taking mine everywhere I go now! (p.s. was it inspired by the birth of Venus perchance?)

  2. Love the colors and style. Very nice!

  3. Angela... thanks. A cat can keep your neck warm too! Nope, not Venus but thanks for trying!

    rmsmi... thanks a lot

  4. I like this bold style. The colors are great, the girl is a bit mysterious and the cat is omg so cute. Nicely done! (I think the background is great.)

  5. It reminds me of Venus Genetrix...

    I love the style of this.

  6. Thanks Cindy, deeol, and aulik!
    Nope, not Venus Genetrix
    If no one guesses it, I will reveal it later