Friday, January 20, 2012

Mona Latte

24x18 acrylic on stretched canvas (click to enlarge)

I wanted to paint a figure this time. I was thinking of a female but couldn't come up with a setting that I liked. I had a few ideas, but as I was flipping through an art book I ran across the Mona Lisa. Instantly something clicked in my noggin. I could see a modern day Mona sitting somewhere. But where? In a coffee shop of course... with her smart phone! I drew a similar pose with the hands crossed, the hair parted in the middle... and the little smile. 

After several sketches, I had one that I liked and decided to paint it on a 24x18 inch stretched canvas. This is the most ambitious painting I have done yet. I learned that bigger paintings mean bigger problems. I enjoyed getting lots of surface quality (texture) in this painting. Making color decisions is the hard part, but I like the color palette I ended up with. I have been working on and off on this painting for the last two weeks and it was just today that the name Mona Latte came to me. 

It was fun. But I think I will be back to something smaller next time. 

Oh... if you look up Mona Lisa in Google Images you will find all kinds of variations on the painting. This one is my favorite:


  1. This is very nicely painted! The colors you chose work well together. I like the background and how you made the wood grain on the table. :)

  2. This is great, and congratulations on tackling a larger canvas than normal! You did such a great job with all the different patterns and colors. Including the sketch is always neat.

    Also, the Mona Lisa angle is a really great idea. (And you did a great mysterious smile.)

  3. Thanks, Sarah and Cindy! I really appreciate the comments!